So motherfuckin' totes excited to have reserved us a groovy delish spot at the first ever gnarlypie rrooww rrooww Olympia Zine Fest - to be held in late October, later this year of our Lord, Commander In Chief: 2015...believe it! Go ahead, fluffy bumpkins, & click away on this here linky link galore to help make this gathering a magickal shindig for all to freely attend throughout all the it for the DIY artist inside every one of you radical care bears. So mote it be, motherfuckers! 

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What's Your Damage? - Mental Illness & Shit!

Volume Two

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Update from Steven & Deirdree: 01/26/2015, 11:32pm

Welcome to our li'l ol' website ~ we make zines & shit! Above you see a few of our haphazard titles, ever awaiting a grabbin' from your lovely dirty rotten mittens & just a beggin' to be read by you, you, YOU! What's happening with us here atMC Sunflower Jones, you may ask? Well get this, ya salty crackerjacks: we've just moved states! All the way up to Nowheresville, Oregon...where the trees grow like rabbits in the strawberry fields forever & water just magickally falls from the doom & gloom sky. But, fear not! The zines will still flow from our glossy painted fingertips to shit, old shit, zines, zines, zines. Try & stop us, malevolent caterpillars...this is our life & we love it! So, have a look around, cutiepie rroww rrowws, see whatcha think! Need to buy a zine? Click here! Otherwise, take your time browsing the stacks or reading about our darling friendlies or whatever it is you came here to do...                                                                                    We <3 ya! 


La Rainbow Vomits! - zines n shit...

Dancing Barefoot: Moon Lore & Magick out now in our Etsy shoppe! Get the inside scoop on all things lunar magick - from spellwork during different moon phases, moon water, astrological moon signs, charging your crystals under the moon, & more! Don't be loony - get this zine! 

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Coming Soon:

The 2nd volume of our comp zine all about mental illness & shit! Click away at the image to the right to pre-order this monstrosity of psychotic delight...& don't forget to take your psych meds kids!

Also in the works:

*Moooshbrain, a psychedlic perzine with words by Steven Hughes Purkey & art by Robert Hand Ferry 

*Les Enfants des Chemicals, a magickal split between Deirdree Prudence & Kasey Brooks

*Faunbaum 23 - a beginner's course in Chaos Magick by Deirdree Prudence & Wendy Hockstein

Welcome! <3 Unfortunately,we must admit, our beloved lil shoppe has been CLOSED FOR BUSINESS! - but fear not, our deary dearest love monkees de la cupcakes du jour! - -  - All MC Sunflower Jones zine titles are still available for purchase/Deirdree & Steven are still makin zines n as the phoenix emerges, rising from the barren ashes, et voila! La Rainbow Vomits make the scene... 

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