Deirdree Prudence& Steven Hughes Purkey  joined in interstellar bliss to create MC Sunflower Jones...we make zines & shit! From microzines on the arcane, to our Pocket Reader series, & comp zines galore, we write, edit, make art, cut, paste, print, collate, staple, & distribute this shit all for you you you, our dear reader!

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♥ We wish with all our darling hearts to bring you the bestest & mostest perfectly imperfect hand-collated zines & shit! Mistakes are left in, toner is beautifully smudged across the page, & a fucked up heartpoppingly pink staple here & there add just the right amount of sparkle-hearted charm to our painstakingly handcrafted projects...this is our life - we gotta do this, rainbow'd unicorns, 'cause this is who we are & we love you. ♥

All of our zines can be purchased at our Etsy shoppe...clickity click, crazy quack quack McGees, right here: 

Gag Me With A... 

~11:11 Issue~

"Paranormal & the Occult"

Our very own comp zine, full of witches, necromancers, extraterrestrials, & ghosties with the mosties...art & words out of the darkest shadows from around the globe ~ true tales with a splash of humor, macabre kitsch, & psycho-chic...tout de suite!

Pre-order this beast of a zine by clicking on the photo of the creepy bunny to your left! (due out before the next full moon!) 

Books & Shovels is a cross country traveling bookstore and publisher sharpening its word-teeth, aiming at the throat of America. Founded by Jeremiah Walton, backed by Nostrovia! Poetry and UndergroundBooks, B&S distributes publications donated from publishers, authors, poets, musicians, artists, graffiti vandals, anyone who is passionate and looking to get their work out to a greater audience. This project is about pushing passionate living over making a living.

They operate on street corners, shouting poems at those who otherwise would not care, at open mics and slams, festivals and abandoned parking lots, meshing grass roots promotions with opportunities of the 21st century's outreach and connectivity. Walton's focus is primarily poetry, but B&S distributes passion. Passion can be found in all corners of creation.

Alone, artists are whispers. Together, we are a scream! 

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