Hey there, lovelies. We've decided to try & make this site a li'l more up-to-date & shit...so right here will be all the latest news from  MC Sunflower Jones. So, what's happening lately? Well, we're proud to say we have 2 new zines out: I Heart Tarot by Deirdree & Down On The Street by Steven. Both are the same exact size, which is cut down from 1/4 size a li'l bit & makes a perfectly cute square. These zines, however, are not for squares. Don't make that mistake, flower children...no way! Down On The Street is a zine all about drugs & shit...& I Heart Tarot is just as it sounds: all about Tarot & shit! So, have a look around, cutiepie rroww rrowws, see whatcha think! Need to buy a zine? Click here! Otherwise, take your time browsing the stacks or reading about our darling friendlies or whatever it is you came here to do...                                                                                    We <3 ya! 

All of our zines can be purchased at our Etsy shoppe...clickity click, crazy quack quack McGees, right here: 

What's Your Damage? - Mental Illness & Shit!

Volume Two

Kitten Breath is a zine distro outta Scotland that is not only headed by our newest zinester pal, the amazingly most sincere flapper fish, Ms. Ann-Marie "La La Laaa" Preiner, is not only going to be carrying & selling many many of our titles in the heart of the highlands of the United Kingdom, but Kitten Breath is outstandingly & unabashedly totes the best! Take a look at her world, the delicious world of Ann-Marie by clicking the links below - but if you do, pretty ponies, here's a fair warning: you won't wanna return! Cats & Voldemort & sparkly hearts & comix, oh my! 

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Coming Soon:

The 2nd volume of our comp zine all about mental illness & shit! Click away at the image to the left to pre-order this monstrosity of psychotic delight...& don't forget to take your psych meds kids!

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This piece on the right is called "Body Count" & was made by Steven Hughes Purkey for an upcoming split zine with art head extraordinaire, Sir Robert Hand Ferry...

To be released just as soon as we are finished, this zine is being called Mushbrain for now...until we think of something better!